About Mercalli XII


Mercalli XII® was established in 1999 by John D. Pryor, S.E., and specializes in the development of structural components and systems for the seismic retrofit of tilt-up buildings. These products now include the XT® Cross Tie, the Flare Strut® Wall Tie System, the Pi-Glu™ Pilaster Anchorage System, the Vee Strut™ Wall Tie System, the Dragstrut™ Wall Tie System, and the Rod Tie™ System, and allow for the complete roofline retrofit of most tilt-up buildings. These products were developed primarily in response to the capacity and performance limitations associated with pre-existing hardware components that have commonly been used for wall anchorage applications that were brought forth by the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, as well as in response to the demands associated with tilt-up retrofit projects with enhanced seismic performance objectives for which the pre-existing hardware components available at the time were either inadequate, or simply not available.

Unlike many other currently available hardware components that have been adapted for use in tilt-up retrofit applications, the structural components and systems developed by Mercalli XII have been specifically developed for tilt-up retrofit applications, and have been designed to install simply and easily while providing exceptional cost effective load capacities and performance above and beyond all other currently available hardware components and systems.