Structural Components and Systems

For The Seismic Retrofit of Tilt-up Buildings

  • Products designed and developed specifically for tilt-up retrofit applications.

  • An extensive line of products for just about any tilt-up retrofit installation.

  • Engineering Assistance • Project Support

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Mercalli XII

Mercalli XII carries an extensive line of highly cost effective performance oriented structural components and systems that can be installed quickly and easily, allowing for the complete roofline retrofit of most tilt-up buildings, and other Ridged Wall/Flexible Diaphragm buildings of similar construction.

The general objective behind the enhanced load capacities, performance features, and installed quality associated with our products is to allow tilt-up buildings to be retrofited to seismic design  standards that exceed the basic life-safety performance level set forth in most building codes, and thus providing these buildings with a greater chance of surviving a major earthquake from functional and/or economic standpoint.

In addition to the standard products that we carry, we also have the ability to either modify these products, or design, develop, and test new products as may be needed for specific retrofit applications.